How much does it cost?

Our normal charges are £40.00 per session, but we can sometimes flexible depending on people’s individual circumstances. We don’t want to exclude anyone who cannot afford to pay very much, and we try to balance that with the need to secure sufficient funding to allow our service to help as many people as possible.

How to make a referral

People who would like to have counselling with us can refer themselves, or they professionals can make a referral on their behalf.

To make a referral, please phone (01480) 878409 and ask to speak to Elisabeth Allen, Client Services Manager, or email

Elisabeth will set up an initial assessment meeting as soon as possible after receiving the referral.

What kind of counselling do you offer?

Our ‘theoretical approach’ is integrative and is informed by a psychodynamic bearing. This means that we take seriously the effect of our early life experiences on the way that we think about and live in the here-and-now world. We have a particular interest in attachment as well as the effects on the brain and body of trauma.

We provide an empathic environment to help you explore your feelings. We aim to help you discover what is causing your present difficulties and to find your own ways of overcoming them. You can expect to be heard respectfully and non-judgmentally in a safe and confidential setting.

Counselling can be short term – for example around 6 sessions – or it can take place over a much longer period of time.  We aim where possible to provide counselling for as long as it is needed, and so how long it lasts for will be decided between the counsellor and client on a case-by-case basis.

Where are we?

We are based at 3 Archers Court, Huntingdon, PE29 6XG. Our offices are clearly signposted and are located near Lidl on Stukeley Road near the railway bridge, just a 5 minute walk from the High Street and within 10 minutes of both the train station and bus station.

Who are we?

START Counselling Service is run by START (Survivors Trauma and Abuse Recovery Trust), a charity that wants to enable people to recover from childhood abuse and lead healthy lives, both mentally and physically.

The Service is managed by Elisabeth Allan, an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist who also heads up the PODS Client Support Service.  PODS (Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors) is another project run by START which works nationally and helps to make recovery from dissociative disorders a reality through training, informing and supporting.

START Counselling Service currently has two associate counsellors, Georgina Landick and Shannon McCarthy.

Who can use the service?

Our counselling service is aimed at people who have suffered trauma and/or abuse. We have a particular speciality in working with people who have suffered sexual abuse in childhood, but we also work with adults who have suffered trauma, and we also work with people who have experienced any type of abuse, such as physical abuse, neglect and domestic violence. We also have particular experience in working with people who have developed mental health difficulties called dissociative disorders, but we have a range of counsellors with different experience and skillsets, so we can offer help to most people who seek it.